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  • Bronchial & Tracheal Stents with Mesh & Posts
Injury of the upper airway commonly results in stenotic lesions of the larynx, subglottis, and adjacent trachea. The Hood Bronchial and Tracheal Stents with Mesh and Posts offer physicians an excellent alternative to the traditional approach of surgical correction and YAG laser resection. The device is placed in the trachea at the point of stenosis as a palliative technique for tumors causing extrinsic compression of the large airway. It may also be used for patients with benign tracheostenosis. Additionally, the device offers the added benefit of internal mesh reinforcement, which allows for secure suturing without tearing the stent.

The Hood Intended Use and Instruction Manual, which is supplied with each product, provides detailed information on insertion technique, sterilization, and postoperative care.

These products have been treated with Ultra-smooth Plus® surface treatment. This proprietary technology modifies the surface properties of silicone. Ultra-smooth Plus® treated silicone is thromboresistant, resistant to biofilm germination, bacterial and fungal growth, and has less surface friction. See Ultra-smooth Plus® page for further information.

Ordering Information

Code No. A O.D. (mm) B Length (mm)
BSP–1020–M–S 10 20
BSP–1030–M–S 10 30
BSP–1040–M–S 10 40
BSP–1220–M–S 12 20
BSP–1230–M–S 12 30
BSP–1240–M–S 12 40
BSP–1250–M–S 12 50
BSP–1430–M–S 14 30
BSP–1440–M–S 14 40
BSP–1450–M–S 14 50
TSP–1260–M–S 12 60
TSP–1270–M–S 12 70
TSP–1370–M–S 13 70
TSP–1460–M–S 14 60
TSP–1470–M–S 14 70
TSP–1560–M–S 15 60
TSP–1640–M–S 16 40
TSP–1650–M–S 16 50
TSP–1660–M–S 16 60
TSP–1670–M–S 16 70
TSP–1680–M–S 16 80
TSP–1850–M–S 18 50
TSP–1860–M–S 18 60 
TSP–1870–M–S 18 70
TSP–1880–M–S 18 80
TSP–1890–M–S 18 90
  • Internal mesh eases anchoring
  • Aids in short-term management of airway obstructions after malignancies, lung transplants, and after tuberculosis
  • Aids in normal breathing and speech
  • Permits healing and prevents desiccation
  • Implant-grade silicone
  • Posts aid in preventing migration
  • Internal mesh provides a tear resistant stent for more stable suturing

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