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Westaby T-Y Stents

The Hood Westaby T-Y Stent* combines bifurcated and T limbs in a single tube to restore patency of major airways and to provide relief from asphyxia.
Manufactured of implant-grade radiopaque silicone, the stent is flexible, comfortable and non-reactive to tissue, ensuring safe and effective relief within the distal trachea, carina, and main bronchi.
The stent has been used in patients with severe and diffuse scalding injury to the trachea and main bronchi, and with obstruction from tracheal and mediastinal tumors below the thoracic inlet.

The Hood Intended Use and Instruction Manual, which is supplied with each product, provides detailed information on insertion technique, sterilization, and postoperative care.

Ordering Information

Westaby T–Y Stent

O.D. 1 size corresponds to outside diameter of intratracheal limb in millimeters.

Code No.O.D. 1O.D. 2ABCDE
  • Aids in short-term management of airway obstructions from tracheal tumors, compression, burns or disease below the thoracic inlet
  • Enables normal breathing through nose and mouth
  • Permits healing and prevents desiccation
  • Y-angle anatomically designed to fit typical carina
  • 20° angle in T-stem facilitates insertion and cleaning