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Hood Stoma Stent Accessories

Eliachar Speaking Valve

The Eliachar Speaking Valve is a low profile, clear silicone speaking valve for use with the Hood Stoma Stents. It allows the wearer to speak without occluding the stoma stent opening. It has a very low resistance, flap design, and is cosmetically appealing.

Hood Stoma Stent Ring Spacer

The Hood Stoma Stent Ring Spacer is used to shorten the length of the Stoma Stent in increments of 1 to 2mm without having to physically alter the Stoma Stent. The rings are designed to complement the 8mm,11mm and 13mm Stoma Stents.

Hood Stoma Gauge

The Hood Stoma Gauge can be used to determine the precise depth of the stoma in order to aid the physician in providing a comfortable fit for Hood’s self-retaining Stoma Stents.

Hood Weaning Kit

The Hood Weaning Kit consists of two plugs with holes of differing diameters. Once it has been determined that a patient can be relieved of a tracheostomy, this kit is useful in helping wean a difficult patient from the tracheostomy. By reducing the allowable volume of air through the stoma in a controlled fashion, the patient is forced to use the upper respiratory tract.

Speaking Valves have been treated with Ultra-smooth Plus® surface treatment. This proprietary technology modifies the surface properties of silicone. Ultra-smooth Plus® treated silicone is thromboresistant, resistant to biofilm germination, bacterial and fungal growth, and has less surface friction. See Ultra-smooth Plus® page for further information.

Ordering Information

Eliachar Speaking Valve

Code No.Description
LRV– 4008–SFits 8mm O.D. Stoma Stent
LRV– 4011–SFits 11mm O.D. Stoma Stent
LRV– 4013–SFits 13mm O.D. Stoma Stent
LRV– 4015–SFits 15mm O.D. Stoma Stent

Hood Stoma Gauge (SINGLE USE ONLY)

Code No.
SG–10–SETSet of 6

Hood Stoma Stent Ring Spacer

Code No.A Dimension (I.D.)B Dimension
SSR–0818 mm1mm
SSR–0828 mm2mm
SSR–11111 mm1mm
SSR–11211 mm2mm
SSR–13113 mm1mm
SSR–13213 mm2mm

Hood Weaning Kit

Code No.