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Jacobs Frontal Sinus Cannula

Frontal sinus

Jacobs Frontal Sinus Cannula

The Jacobs Frontal Sinus Cannula* has been developed to provide temporary postoperative stenting of the frontal sinus outflow tract. During endoscopic sinus surgery otolaryngologists are often faced with an anatomically constricted frontal sinus outflow tract, which requires removal of bone and/or soft tissue. Post operatively this often causes an intense inflammatory response, which frequently leads to stenosis.

This cannula is designed to prevent the reparative process from narrowing the neoduct. Manufactured of implant-grade radiopaque silicone, the cannula is flexible and non-reactive. It is compressible and conforms to the inner diameter of the outflow tract. The daisy flower shaped end provides substantial support for the shaft within the base of the frontal sinus. The lumen of the cannula is adequate to permit ventilation and drainage and is easily cleaned in the office setting endoscopically.

* Designed with assistance from Joseph Jacobs, M.D.

This product has been treated with Ultra-smooth Plus® surface treatment. This proprietary technology modifies the surface properties of silicone. Ultra-smooth Plus® treated silicone is thromboresistant, resistant to biofilm germination, bacterial and fungal growth, and has less surface friction. See Ultra-smooth Plus® page for further information.

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Jacobs Frontal Sinus Cannula

Note: Sold in pairs

Code No.ABC (O.D.)
  • Helps prevent stenosis
  • Conforms to outflow tract
  • Flexible, compressible
  • Permits ventilation, drainage and easy cleaning
  • Soft, implant-grade, radiopaque silicone