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Mehta Laryngeal Stents

Mehta Laryngeal Stents provide soft, solid, conforming support for use in laryngeal fracture, laryngeal stenosis and subglottic stenosis. Laryngeal stents are molded to a precise hardness to provide support, but not injure surrounding tissue. They bend easily, are compressible and conform to the inner contour of the larynx. Skin or mucosal grafts may be sutured directly to the stent which is then inserted and held in place by silicone suture buttons.

The Hood Intended Use and Instruction Manual, which is supplied with each product, provides detailed information on insertion technique, sterilization, and postoperative care

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Mehta Laryngeal Stents

Code No.Size A (mm)  Size B (mm)Size C (mm)Size D (mm)
MLS-12-S12 9.512050