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Eliachar Laryngeal Stents

The Eliachar Laryngeal Stent* for postoperative laryngotracheal support or control of aspiration, is intended for post traumatic support or to retain a lumen after laryngotracheal reconstruction. The stent retains its position mainly through adherence to laryngeal contours. The strap adds additional control and anchoring to prevent expulsion as a result of swallowing or coughing. A soft hollow, conforming design minimizes tissue reaction. This new, physiologically designed laryngeal stent combines safety and management of aspiration in stenting.

The Hood Intended Use and Instruction Manual provides detailed information on insertion technique, sterilization, and postoperative care.

* Designed with assistance from Isaac Eliachar, M.D.,
Cleveland Clinic Foundation

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Eliachar Laryngeal Stents

Code No.A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)
  • Effectively supports and reshapes larynx
  • Comfortable and self-conforming
  • Easy to introduce
  • Prevents seepage and overflow of fluids and debris into larynx
  • Soft implant-grade silicone