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Esophageal Stent

The Hood Esophageal Stent aids in management of esophageal obstructions and fistulas in irresectable carcinoma and post-radiation stenosis. Studies report quality of palliation in dysphagia equal to neodymium YAG laser therapy at substantially lower costs. Designed for endoscopic placement, the Esophageal Stent saves expense through an outpatient procedure.
The Esophageal Stent permits passage of food and saliva and is made of soft, conforming and non-irritating silicone.
A tapered flange minimizes erosion and maintains patency of the esophagus with minimal migration.

The Hood Intended Use and Instruction Manual, which is supplied with each product, provides detailed information on insertion technique, sterilization, and postoperative care.

Ordering Information

Esophageal Stent

Code No.Size
ESS–1414mm (O.D.)   — one size serves all needs
  • Aids management of esophageal obstructions and fistulas
  • Comfortable, cost-effective alternative to laser therapy with equal palliation