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Esophageal Reconstruction Tube

The Hood Esophageal Reconstruction Tube is a special device used in reconstruction and stenting of the cervical esophagus. The tube is used after the first-stage operation to eliminate profuse salivary leakage by way of the pharyngostoma. It maintains a wide patent pharyngostoma and creates a trough between the pharyngostoma and the esophagostoma to facilitate the second-stage procedure.
The bulbous protrusions prevent displacement of the tube upward and downward, making suturing of the tube unnecessary.

The Hood Intended Use and Instruction Manual, which is supplied with each product, provides detailed information on insertion technique, sterilization, and postoperative care.

Ordering Information

O.D. size corresponds to outside diameter of intratracheal limb in millimeters.

Esophageal Reconstruction Tube

Code No.Size
ESO–1515mm (O.D.)   One size serves all reconstruction needs
  • Funnel shaped superior end conforms to hypopharynx
  • Two firm bulbs ensure proper positioning
  • Prevents leakage of saliva after laryngoesophagectomy