Innovative products for head and neck surgery and airway management

Efer Bronchoscope & Stent Placement Instrumentation

The Efer modular Bronchoscope ® and Silicone stent placement instrumentation

  • The Efer Bronchoscope® system is the gold standard for placement of Silicone stents in the airway.
  • The system is comprised of nine interchangable tubes for Bronchial and Tracheal applications.
  • All tubes have a metric scale and the size is signified by color coded rings.
  • A distal safety stop to prevent accidental damage to the trachea or bronchi during stent introducer tubes introduction is incorporated on all tubes.
  • The interchangeable tubes connect to a Universal head. The head has an axial and lateral instrumentation ports and features a 360 degree rotating ventilation port adjacent to a Jet Venturi port that can be capped if ventilation is not required.
Autoclavable bronchial endoscope diameter 5,5mm, 0° direction of view, compatible with EFER BRONCHOSCOPE ® bronchial tubes, color coded black and orange plunger tubes, and EFER ENDOSCOPY optical forceps

Efer® Stent Placement Instrumentation

  • The Efer® Stent placment instruments were originally designed by Dr. Dumon for endoscopic or flouroscopic tracheobronchial silicone stent placement.
  • Each stent placement instrument includes, stent loader, introducer , plungers tubes and is color coded with the corresponding tracheobronchial tubes.
  • Stent plunger tubes are open to allow insertion of a telescope to provide visual confirmation of stent placement with the Bronchi or Trachea.

Check that your instrument is in good condition and that the tubes are neither damaged nor obstructed.
If you have purchased telescopes with the system, look through the telescopes to confirm the lenses are in good condition.